Bharti Automation Private Limited
Bharti Automation Private Limited
Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana
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We conduct onsite calibration of Current and Potential Transformers.
We calibrate relays and switchgear items also.
We have a facility of 100000 volts and 1000 Ampere supply for calibration of CT and PTs.
Current Transforme(CT)
Primary Injection method
Ratio Error
Phase Error
50 Hz
5 A to 2000 A (Primary)
1 A to 5A (Secondary)
Equipment used : Standard Current Transformers, High Current Sources, CT& PT Test Set
Potential Transforme(PT)
3.3 kV to 33 KV
3.3 kV/√3 to 33 kV/√3
63.5V / 110V
50V to 144 V
Potential Transformers, CVT
AC High Voltage
50 Hz
550V to 33 kV
High Voltage Divider / Probe,Voltage Source
Energy Meter Testing

Correct Measurement of Energy Consumed is right of the consumer. The government of India has approved some labs in India to check Electricity Energy Meters on customers premises.

Bharti Automation is one of the few laboratories in India who have got Accreditation from NABL, Govt. of India for Energy Meter Calibration.

We provide this service to hundreds of government and private institutions, Offices, Factories,Hospitals, Commercial Complexes etc.

We have a state of art testing and calibration laboratory in Delhi and Bhiwadi. We have a team of 25 engineers and technicians to conduct this activity on your doorstep.

What you simply need to do is call us or mail your details and our customer care team will support you. We shall inspect your site and give you a quote. We shall test your electricity meters in your presence at your site .

We also offer on site testing of CT/PT/Relays
We have facility for tesing of fireman AXE as per IS:926:1985

The Transformer Monitoring System offered is a user-friendly, reliable solution that provides centralized monitoring and diagnosis of a remotely located distribution transformer or Power Transformer developed using the Dedicated Hardware and Software.

The system is designed to acquire process, analyze, and communicate critical parameters to a centralized data centre for analysis and visualization of widespread distribution transformers in an electrical network, using a general packet radio service (GPRS) communications interface to collect data from remote distribution transformers and provide graphical visualization using a geographical information system (GIS) and a Web-based application.

Distribution transformers, which are critical components of a power distribution system, are located on the feeders below the substation. TMS is a remote system to monitor the transformers in a Real Time on a regular basis. In addition to conventional technical data like current and voltage, other information such as the oil temperature and oil level in the transformer are required by the operators to ensure reliable power delivery and to assist in day-to-day decision making.

System Description

The TMS we propose is based on NI or WAGO platform, with a communication interface for GSM/GPRS/code division multiple access (CDMA) to collect data from remote transformers for daily usage, total usage, real-time and long-term data management, automatic report generation, energy accounting, and to graphically represent the transformer on a GIS at a centralized data centre .

The four main types of transformer faults are:


Maven has developed and delivered multiple projects based on ZigBee technology. We have worked on ZigBee Pro 2012, and have even made customizations to the MAC layer of ZigBee. These modules have been used for monitoring and controlling appliances. We have also integrated third party devices, sensors and gateways. We have customized a wide variety of features to make our ZigBee solutions more viable for the field scenario.

GMS / GPRS enabled smart meter modules

For equipment in remote location enabling a mesh network and controlling multiple devices via single Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) is not an option. As a result, Maven enables such remotely located, stand-alone devices with GPRS capabilities in order to upload their collected data to the cloud application.

We Are leading IP Ingress Protection Testing Service provider Nabl ACCridated Laboratory Provide IP Testing Service in all over India

IEC 60529 (IP Code) Water & Dust testing equipment. Ingress Protection Test Equipment is used to determine the degree of protection provided by a product enclosure. The level of protection provided by an enclosure is represented by an "IP" code
The tests are

1)Annealing test2)Tensile test3)wrapping test4)Conductor resistance5)Thickness of insulation and sheath6)Tensile strength and elongation at breakage of sheath7)Loss of mass8)Thermal ageing in air9)Hot deformation test10)Heat shock11)IR constant & Volume resistivity12)High voltage(water immersion and at room temperature)13)Thermal Stability14)Flammability test15)Hot set 16)Shrinkage test17)Cold bend test18)cold impact test19)water absorption test20)Additional ageing test
Welcome to

Bharti Automation Private Limited

The company was founded by Mr. Sanjay Sharma and now has four Domain Experts as main stake holders.
The company is having its presence in following fields:

  • Smart Metering and Smart Grids.
  • Conversion of old meters and retrofitting for Smart metering.
  • Onsite Testing of High Tension Equipment and Energy Meters.
  • Accreditted Calibration services for Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Calibration.
  • Accreditted Testing Services for Electrical,Electronics,IT, Audio Video Equipments.
  • Transformer Turbines and Generators health monitoring systems.
  • Large Laboratory setups and Test Rigs for any given test standard.

Since 1991, our company is active into the business of Test Automation, Calibration and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) manufacturing. Over the years we have developed, Tested, Manufactured and supplied about 50 products which fall in line to the Testing and R&D Industry.

Bharti Automation

Bharti Automation has been a Technological Solution Provider in the domain of Virtual and Real world Instrumentation since 1997. We started out as Instrumentation Consultants; and have burgeoned into a multidisciplinary corporation. Now our skill spectrum ranges from producing Customized Software Applications to producing Complex Endurance Testing Machinery. We’re alliance members of some very skilled technology producers and innovators such as National Instruments, WAGO, Yokogawa, and Keysight Technologies (Earlier known as Agilent Technologies). We use their developments in Software Interfacing and Engineering Solutions. We’re innovative in our approach and perform tirelessly to keep our clients contented.

For example we have installed flow meter Calibration Laboratory of National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Delhi. We have developed many first time developed products in India.

We are capable to develop test equipment for virtually any given standard. More than 50% of consumer Electronics goods manufactured in India is tested on ATEs developed by us.


Bharti Automation Private LimitedBharti Automation Private Limited



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